The ENT Center of Austin offers a host of audiology services to our patients:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Tests - pure tone air and bone conduction, and behavioral testing to determine the degree and type of hearing loss
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing - to detect cochlear damage
  • Admittance Testing - for evaluation of middle ear function
  • Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection - an in depth look at your hearing loss, lifestyle, and amplification options to decide what would work best for the patient
  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow Up Programming - fitting and programming of a patient’s hearing aid(s) to adjust for the best sound quality possible through amplification
  • Custom fit Ear Pieces - custom ear pieces such as ear molds for amplification, ear plugs, swim plugs, and musician’s plugs

For more information on hearing loss including types, causes, effects, and prevalence, visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) website.  There is also a great self assessment listed on their site to help you determine if you may have a hearing impairment:  You can also find additional audiology resources on our Links page.

Hearing Aids

Today’s small, digital hearing aids are able to amplify the sounds you want to hear while reducing the sounds you don’t. They can switch between programs automatically when you walk from a quiet car into a noisy restaurant. The Better Hearing Institute found that 95% of people with hearing loss can be helped with today’s advanced hearing aids.*

Following a thorough hearing consultation, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate hearing solution that will work best for you, based on the degree of hearing loss and the types of listening situations that are a part of your daily life.

*See for full statistics

Insurance Coverage and Payment of Hearing Aids

Unfortunately, there are very few insurance companies that will cover hearing instruments.  It is because of this that our office policy is that we do not submit to insurance companies for hearing aid benefits.  You will be responsible for paying us the full price of the hearing instruments.  If you do have insurance that will cover hearing aids it will be your responsibility to file for reimbursement.  We do carry a range of hearing instruments to fit every budget. We use Care Credit and are willing to work through them to offer payment plans if necessary.

"I would like to let you know what an outstanding employee you have in Cynthia Kennedy. She has been my audiologist for almost a year now, and the care and detail she gives her patients is awesome. You can tell by the way she does her job that this is more than just a job to her. She really cares about my hearing and goes above and beyond to improve my hearing which improves my quality of life. I cannot say thank you enough to her for the care she gives to my hearing needs. Just wanted to let you know that you have a great employee and a very satisfied patient."

- Keith

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