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Piercing Your Nose - Warnings Ahead

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Getting a hole punched in your nose is not something you want to do when you're under the influence. If you hear anyone in the background slobber, "Let's drive to Key West!" before getting a beak piercing, probably should stop bending elbows for the night, call a cab and go home.

For those sober folks, here's the good news: It hurts a lot less to get your schnozzle punctured than a lip, ear or some totally unmentionable place on your body. Want some other tips? Read on.

Do It Righteously

As we said, this isn't something you want to do when you're not of sound mind. Bad judgments are made when the brain isn't percolating at full tilt. Take these suggestions to heart:

  • Get your head right by preparing yourself mentally for the needle.
  • Probably not the best plan to drive to the seediest part of the city for this procedure. Likewise, if the person doing the piercing looks funky, unclean; move on. You want to find an establishment that practices "safe" procedures.
  • Once you picked an establishment, take a look around. Does it look fairly up-front and clean?
  • Don't get freaked-out if you have a couple of questions. A professional is there to answer any concerns. It's just good business.
  • Before any sticking gets underway, ask to see the sterilized instruments.
  • Once the piercing begins, don't get creative. Do what the pro asks you to do.
  • As it begins, breathe in. When you breathe-out it will hurt a bunch more.

What If Problems Happen After the Fact?

The simple answer is call us at the ENT Center of Austin. Immediately. Infections are not to be tolerated. Anytime something like this happens, you need medical care ASAP.

Removing the Stud and Schticking it Back In

Nobody ever tells you this. Maybe the pro who did the work will run through it, but in case you forgot, here are some notes you might find helpful:

  • Removing the Stud.
    Pick-up the bar. Lift it slightly by putting your thumb and forefinger on the stud. And do it a little bit at a time. Take it out, the locking part. Unconnected, you can just remove your nose stud. If your stud is fairly new, don't feel the need to quickly remove it. Pace yourself.
  • Putting the Stud Back In.
    Locate the hole in your snout. Push the stud in. Make sure the stud is a little slanted. Push it in slowly, a little bit at a time. Go slowly. Practice makes perfect. After you do this a few times on different days, you'll get it. Found the entry point? Push the rest of the bar inside your nose. Double-check that you did it correctly. How do you do that? Just lift up your nostril a bit and look in the mirror.

The genius singer-songwriter Paul Simon once wrote, "It's every generation throws a hero up the pop charts." Piercing and ink seem to be the things the kids are doing nowadays. As another kinda famous rock group wrote for the geezers "Let it be."

Remember when long hair on guys was a mark of the devil? Point made. 

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