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Part 2 - Can Sinusitis Be Life Threatening?

That sniffer of yours has been clogged up for weeks. You've been breathing so much through your nose that you have a dry mouth constantly. Finally, it dawns on you that you need to have it checked out by the ENT Center of Austin.... Could be something more serious than simply a stuffed-up nose....Could be sinusitis.


Chronic Sinusitis Austin



Not To Scare You

A sinus infection typically won't cause your next-of-kin to visit a funeral director on your behalf. But if you don't get sinusitis treated, it could actually kill you.

It all depends on what type of sinus infection you have. We'll look into the severity and strength of the problem. An acute infection could last up to a month. It'll be a mojo-buster, but you'll get better. Those who don't receive treatment, the matter will lead to the next stages -- called sub-acute and chronic.

On a sub-acute plane, it will hassle you for a couple of months. The chronic stage is one you don't want to step onto. That bad actor can hang around for two-months or even more.

No matter which point we discover this, we recommend immediate surgery.

Protect Yourself From the Grim Reaper

Think of it this way. When you get a regular B-Flat cold, the symptoms may overlap. The ENT Center of Austin will be seeking the thick, yellow and stinky goo dripping from your nose. We'll ask you about any pressure in your head or if you experience any type of pain around the face and eyes.

Another thing we'll talk with you about  whether you get a lot of colds and fevers. Separating a sinus infection from a bout with the flu. The biggest sharp-right turn is that the infection has not been treated. Resulting from your sinus cavities swelling, a pool of mucus in the cavity area turns into a Petri dish loaded with germs. As the stuff hardens, blood flow decreases. That progresses to having an big effect on your entire body's immune system.

Then, resulting from this compromise, the sinusitis starts to do some real damage.

Here's the Scary Part

So, if you don't deal with this for a long time, a medical emergency has dropped into your hands. We're talking about brain infections. Don't want that to happen. This is the point when you're balancing on the edge of life-and-death.

Our advice is if you are constantly coming down with colds, make an appointment with the ENT Center of Austin. Our job is to, as they used to say in the old Western movies, "cut'em off at the pass."

Dr Milind Kirtane, a senior ENT surgeon puts it this way, "apart from bacterial and viral infections, a number of patients now come to us with fungal sinusitis. Fungal infections in lungs are known but since fungus travels from the nose, we also see a lot of fungal sinusitis which need to be diagnosed and treated in time so as to not cause morbidity."  AKA: Death.

Incidentally Dr. Kirtane is known as "the father of sinus endoscopy" in India.

Knowing the ENT business as well as we do, we want to encourage you to take action if you don't feel well. So if you suspect something going awry in your schnozzle? Let's make a date at the ENT Center of Austin to check it out, and we'll help you feel better!

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