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Mother's Day Brunch At Lakeway Resort And Spa

It happens every year. In America we celebrate the woman who brought us into the world. Here it's always the second Sunday in May. If it were up to us, second isn't good enough for mom. We wish we could change it to the first Sunday of May. Mom is number one.

Jumping Down From the Soap Box
This Sunday, the ENT Center of Austin has a plan to show our top ladies to an affair to remember. We like this one because it takes everyone out of the kitchen. After all, why cook when you can be served?

Enter Lakeway Resort and Spa. This elegant establishment will host the whole family for its Mother's Day Brunch. It takes place in the Vistas Ballroom. If you've never been there, imagine this: A glass-enclosed large dining area with spectacular views that afford everyone a super outlook of the lake.


Food? You bet. Breakfast treats, wonderful desserts, a full salad station, prime rib, smoked ham and pan seared mahi mahi.

Bring the toddlers, too. There will also be a petting zoo for the children.

Where Is It?
The physical location is Lakeway Resort and Spa; 101 Lakeway Dr.; Austin, TX. Make a reservation now by calling (512) 261-6600. We've got a couple of links coming. The first one will take you to a map to the place: http://www.mapquest.com/#a3cf2b2364ce6da230cc1e06

Now, take a look at what's being served by clicking here:

On the Drive Over
After everyone piles into the SUV and the drive starts, it's gift time. Hand out the presents in the car before you arrive at Lakeway Resort and Spa. The ENT Center of Austin has some suggestions. Not specific products, just some ideas to spark the imagination for the women in your life. Surely mom fits into one or more of these categories:

•    Grandmother.
Never forget gramma. Not only should she be in on the brunch but slip something her way. Below are things you can give her as well as Mom.

•    Mistress of the kitchen.
Surely there's something she doesn't have in the cooking den. Do a little detective work on Friday when you drop-by to invite her to the brunch. We love bread makers and juicers, but put your brain in the head of a chef.

•    Fiddling in the garden.
Aside from house plants that have been properly de-bugged, there must be a gardening tool that would make her love of the outdoors more manageable. Planting season is here. Share something with her that helps makes the dear ones hobby less back-breaking.

•    The "Green" Mom.
Now that she's hopped on the eco-friendly bandwagon, a set of solar-powered lights or some hypo-allergenic scented creams that have not been tested on animals are going to fit the bill.

•    Mom, the rocket scientist.
If she's got the latest, large screen TV, think about a subscription to a media streaming service for a year. There are likewise little boxes, if she's got high-speed Internet that will allow her to watch movies on demand. Since she's tech-savvy, get her a gadget that she'll love.

•    Fashion plate.
If mom's not one to let trends pass her by. The slate is wide open in this department, especially clothes and accessories. Go Sherlock Holmes once again and sneak into her closet to get some sizes. Save the sales slip. What you buy may be too old-fashioned for her.

The Mother's Day Brunch at Lakeway Resort and Spa starts at 10 AM and continues through 3 PM. With some swell gifts she opened and left in the car, she'll be glowing as she orders a humongous plate of freshly carved Prime Rib. Or if she's like some of our mothers, she'll start with dessert and work her way down!

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