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Ear Infections And Babies

We talked about this before, ear infections in children. This time we're going narrow our focus on babies. Once again, it's common. Painful, but sometimes it will just go away by itself. Regardless, contact us and make an appointment and we'll fix the ear issues as they inevitably arise.

Don't wait, though. Be safe now not sorry later.

Common Questions

As we start-out answering some questions, we'd first like to point-out that whenever you feed the little bundle, breast milk beats all. It gives babies a natural immunity to all kinds of ailments, including ear infections. Other things to do:

  • By including fruits, seafood and vegetables into their solid diet also gives them added protection.
  • Believe it or not, there is a connection between pacifiers and ear infections. Keep the practice limited to bedtime. Once the babe falls asleep, pluck it out and put it in a sterile container. This is especially important for kids over the age of six-months.
  • When you bottle-feed them, keep them upright. After suckling, continue to maintain the baby in a vertical position for at least a half-hour after the last gulp.
  • Fuzzy toys and pets nearby while the child sleeps are potential allergens which can cause fluid build-up in the middle ear and nasal passages.
  • Never fire-up a cigarette around your kid. Wash your hands before you cradle the sweetie in your arms after smoking -- outside and away from the child.


Proper Treatment is Paramount


You know how an ear works, right? For those who don't, you've got your middle canal and the eardrum. Those unfortunate parents who experience repeated infections, the baby's eardrum could get damaged. It's the fluid build-up that's the villain. That's why you need not to panic, but take any ear infection seriously. Act quickly. Call the ENT Center of Austin to set-up a time to lug the joy into our offices or go online and sign up for a new appointment.

This is doubly important once the child starts talking. Chronic ear infections could delay their ability to speak or create language issues that will affect their learning habits in a few years.

Knowing That Your Baby Has an Ear Infection

A high reading on the thermometer is a sure clue -- say 102.8-degrees. But it always doesn't show up in their body's temperature. Keep an eye on the kid. If they're complaining -- using body language -- that there's a hurt going on in their ear, see us.

An ear infection in a small infant usually shows-up after a cold. What blows from their nose is likewise another sign. Clear, watery nasal leaks are O.K. But if the stuff coming out turns green or yellow and they flick on the cranky-switch, make an appointment.


Have the tiny unit wear earmuffs all the time. Just kidding. You really need to be aware of germs however. Those sub-miniature pests are the cause of practically all diseases. Don't go nutsy. There is no need to overdose on those antibacterial goos. Simply keep baby from such germ exposure.

The good news is that they will outgrow ear infections as they age. What's called the Eustachian tube stretches, tilts more and becomes thinner. Their natural immune system kicks-in as they mature and eat healthy foods.

Nevertheless, we strongly suggest if you have even the slightest inkling that the tot's got a clog in the hearing machine, the ENT Center of Austin will fix the toddler and you'll be able to get a little extra sleep in the bargain.

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