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New Sublingual Allergy Tablets

Exciting news from the FDA regarding sublingual allergy tablets!

The FDA recently approved three allergy sublingual immunotherapy tablets. On April 17, the FDA approved Merck’s RAGWITEK™ sublingual allergy tablet for ragweed pollen. This comes just days after the approval of the grass sublingual allergy tablets GRASTEK® (also Merck), and ORALAIR® (Greer).

While it will be some time before these tablets are made available for patients, RAGWITEK™ will likely be the first. Roll-out is targeted for late spring or early summer 2014, directly before the start of ragweed season. However, carriers may be reluctant to allow “new” drug formulary penetrance in the first six months.

The AAOA anticipates the cost of the tablets to be approximately $7 to $8 per tablet. The tablets will need to be taken three months prior to the season and continued throughout the season. No claim of disease modification is being made.

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